CNN - Negative spotlight regarding fatigued drivers aimed at Greyhound

May 23, 2016

The Oct. 2013 Greyhound bus accident on I.80 between New York and Cleveland at 1:33 am in the morning has once again made headlines as CNN investigates the recent court case lost by Greyhound, and an upcoming class action case involving 24 of the other injured passengers from that accident (the first case is "on appeal").

Once again, reporters for CNN this time, concentrated on the plaintiff's evidence showing what they called a published "Safety Rule" whereby every 150 miles "the driver should stop the bus in a safe location, and walk around the bus, check the tires, stretch the legs, breathe fresh air, etc. in order to help fight fatigue and stay alert". Greyhound calls it Rule G-40, but insist it is a general guideline, not a requirement. It certainly is not a DOT requirement.

The CNN report, something of an attack piece and heavily weighted against Greyhound, also points to other fatigue related accidents occurring with motorcoach companies in the recent past. Even the Huffington Post has picked up this CNN so-called "investigation" piece...

Check CNN article & video clip: Greyhound doesn't enforce its "avoid driver fatigue" guidelines: CNN

NTSB sends Go-Team to Texas bus accident

May 16, 2016

The National Transportation Safety Board has sent a go team of investigators to the Laredo, Texas bus accident scene to try and determine the cause of the accident which claimed 8 lives and injured 44 passengers. The bus was reported to have lost control and rolled-over. There was intermittent rain reported throughout the day, but it is unclear if weather had anything to do with the accident. Reports now say there were no other vehicles around the motorcoach when it happened. The accident happened at 11:25 am on US Highway 83, an undivided roadway, with a surprisingly high speed limit of 75 mph.

The small two-motorcoach charter bus company, OGA Charters, is based in South Texas. The charter was enroute to a casino in Eagle Pass, a town 125 miles north of Laredo, with passengers aged 55 to 81.

The driver of the Van Hool coach has survived, but has major injuries in hospital, and has yet to be interviewed.

click: Bus rolls over in Texas with fatalities

Peter Pan wrapped "Bernie Bus" criss-crosses the USA

May 9, 2016

Since February, Peter Pan VIP coach has been to primary battleground states like South Carolina, Florida, Michigan, Washington State, and now California to "Feel the Bern" for the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Sponsored by the National Nurses United, and chauffeured by our own E-Board Officer, Operator Ricky Johnson, the bus has traveled over 17,000 miles coast-to-coast!

Click: VIP 1 makes appearance in Binghampton, NY

Proposed DOT rules to strengthen passenger windows

May 9, 2016

A Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) has been filed by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) regarding new impactor tests on glazed passenger windows (to test their strength when hit by weight loads during a rollover accident), as well as passenger window structural integrity during rollover accidents, and also operation-ability of emergency exits after rollover damage.

Recently the NHTSA has pushed through Congress certain provisions for safety belts mandated on new registration motorcoaches at all passenger and driver seats.

Click: New Proposed Rulemaking on passenger windows on motorcoaches

Journalist shares Megabus story

April 18, 2916

A NY Times frugal traveler journalist was on a Megabus that had broke down with a bus fire in Illinois. He explains the maze-like process that he and others had to navigate to try to replace damaged luggage or get refunds.

Read this thorough piece on Megabus, safety, the bus industry, seat belts, luggage liability and other issues:

Click: Megabus fire results in luggage liability claims

James P. Breyare 1944-2016

April 5, 2016

Jim Breyare passed away suddenly while on vacation. Jim began his career at Peter Pan in 1994 and entered retirement May, 2015. He was 71 years old when he passed.

Jim had a sharp mind, quick-witted one-liners, and was a good friend to all who knew and worked with him. Jim had been a truck driver prior to his employment as a coach driver at Peter Pan for 21 years. He reached the one million miles safety driver award.

Jim leaves behind his wife, Christine, and three daughters...



Ticketless scanning coming to Peter Pan

Mar. 27, 2016

Peter Pan announced the test phase of ticketless scanning at curbside for passengers. While passengers currently buy their E-tickets through a smartphone app or on the internet, they must print their ticket on paper prior to boarding the bus, and hand the paper E-ticket to the driver.

Soon drivers will carry a phone with a device that can read smartphone QR codes, and even sell tickets curbside for passengers who pay by credit card, if there is room on the schedule.

The roll-out will occur in the next three months, initially in non-pool markets.

Click: Ticket-less scanning coming soon!

FMCSA seeking comment on Sleep Apnea

Mar. 19, 2016

The FMCSA announced an "advance notice of proposed rulemaking" and is seeking comments from drivers and the general public regarding risk of sleep apnea for commercial drivers and effects.

This is the same "notice of proposed rulemaking" that was never done prior to the errant training of doctors who conduct DOT tests nationwide that potentially put CDL drivers who "have large necks" or "high body-mass-index" or "snoring issues" in a high risk group for sleep apnea.

Even today, doctors routinely send CDL drivers to sleep tests at considerable personal cost to driver prior to passing their DOT physical. They use "general health" as the barring factor for signing off on the physical.

So the eventual "rulemaking" that would go before Congressional Committee for ratification will be effected by this research and feedback.

Comment on the Sleep Apnea rule (in the search engine box, type "sleep apnea" and click the top link): Comment on Sleep apnea

See article FMCSA and Sleep apnea: FMCSA seeks input on sleep apnea

Bus connects communities on Mohawk Trail

Mar. 7, 2016

Mass DOT Bus Plus route from Springfield to Greenfield to Williamstown to Albany finally getting some media attention. This route is a subsidized route operated by Peter Pan. Driver Chris Geissler seen helping a passenger with his wheelchair in Greenfield yesterday Mar. 7.

Click: Peter Pan back on the Mohawk Trail (Rte. 2 in Northern Tier Mass)

Bus fire closes Masspike for 30 minutes

Mar. 3, 2016

A coach, operated by S.O.E. en route to Mohegan Sun Casino experienced an engine fire and was destroyed by the time firefighters arrived on the scene. 45 passengers safely evacuated the bus. Stranded passengers were transported to the Westborough Rest Area by a local school bus company.

The incident happened on the Westbound side of the MassPike about one mile east of I.495/Exit 11.

Lanes were closed for 30 minutes before one lane was re-opened to stopped traffic.

Click: Bus fire on MassPike